Vdb 31, B 26, B 27, B 28, PGC 16360

This nice blue reflection nebula is catalogued as VdB 31 in the van den Bergh's "Catalog of Reflection Nebulae" (1966). In the neighborhood are situated three dark nebulae, catalogued from Edward E.Barnard in his "Catalogue of 349 Dark Objects in the Sky" (1927) as B26, B27 and B28. B27 is the one just below vdB 31, B26 is below B27 and B28 is to the upper right. In the upper left corner is seen the tiny spiral galaxy PGC 16360.



Object Details:

Objects: VdB 31, B 26, B27, B28
Constellation: Auriga
Center of field: R.A. 04h, 56m, 34s. ; DE. +30°, 34', 10"
Field dimensions: Apr. 60 x 90 '


Technical Details:

Optics: 12" ASA Astrograph at F/3.6
Mount: ASA DDM 85
Camera: SBIG STL-11000M
Filters: Astronomik LRGB filters
Dates/Times: 1 November 2011
Location: Rozhen
Exposure Details: L = 100 min, R = 60 min., G = 60 min.,B = 60 min.;
Subexposures: 10 minutes
Acquisition: CCD Soft
Processing: PixInsight, Photoshop CS

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